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How far in advance should I make my reservation?
– We always suggest that you make a reservation as soon as you can. We operate on a “first come, first served” basis, so as soon as you have a date and approximate times planned, please call us. Saturdays always fill up quickly!

I want to be picked up at the airport.
Do you monitor incoming flight times?

– Yes. When you make your reservation for a pick up at an airport, we will request your flight information. A few hours before your scheduled arrival time we will begin to check the progress of the flight with the airport and/or airline. That way, your chauffeur will be able to adjust his arrival time at the airport if necessary. Also, our office staff (and answering service if after hours) is always ready to assist you.

Do you allow young children in your vehicles?
– Yes. If a child is of an age where they are required to be in a car seat, we will simply install your seat in the vehicle. Also, if you make a reservation for round trip airport service, we will store the car seat at our facility until you return.

Am I able to see your vehicles before I make a reservation?
– Yes! We are located on Route 61 in Leesport and you are welcome to stop in to visit. We strongly suggest that you call first to make sure that what you want to see won’t be on a trip.

What if our party goes over our scheduled reservation end time but we want to stay out longer?
– No problem! As long as the vehicle is not scheduled for another party and the chauffeur does not have another commitment you are welcome to extend your time.

What is your policy on alcohol?
– Our limousines are prepared with ice, bottled water, soda, glassware and napkins. You are permitted to bring alcoholic beverages as long as every passenger in the vehicle is over the age of 21.

Is smoking permitted in your limousines?
– Smoking is not permitted.

What else can you tell me about your company?
– We are a full service transportation company that is fully insured and licensed by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and the U. S. Department of Transportation. We are members of both the National Limousine Association and the Philadelphia Regional Limousine Association. Also, all chauffeur candidates must have an excellent driving record, pass a criminal background check and drug test, be approved by our insurance provider and complete a training program.

Are there any additional charges that I should be aware of?
– When we offer a quote, that amount covers everything including things such as fuel and tolls. The only extra charges that might apply would be for parking at concerts and sporting events and for any necessary clean up at the end of your trip that would be considered beyond reasonable, and that would be based upon the degree of the mishap. We want you to have a good time, but we insist upon respect for our vehicles.